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at-the-bearicades-of-freedom replied to your photoset “Yesterday I went on a school-hosted day trip to Minneapolis! The main…”

Oh man the MIA is incredible. I’m glad you had fun there. Did you see the french helmet that has a mustache on it?

LOL Yea I did!! What a stylish helmet! I didn’t take any pics though but I remembered it as soon as you mentioned it lmao

Yesterday I went on a school-hosted day trip to Minneapolis! The main purpose was to attend the Nobel Peace Prize Forum. I went to hear the Dalai Lama speak for the opening and listen to Sister Prejean speak for the closing. I didn’t want to hang around the convention center the whole day so I kind of ditched in the middle and went to Minneapolis Institute of Art by myself lol

I could’ve taken the bus, but I wanted to walk and look around. It was -1 degree outside for the whole day but it was worth the cold, I think. 

I picked out some of my favorite pieces from the museum, but honestly I have a ton more photos. My favorite installation was part of an exhibit called “Sacred”. There was a large room and the only piece in it was a statue of Kuan Yin, goddess of compassion, in the front and center. The room was completely dark except for a spotlight on her and there were some cushioned seats for visitors. There was a recording playing on repeat, it was someone reciting an English translation of a prayer to Kuan Yin. You can see in the photo that some grammar school children had placed heart-shaped paper on Kuan Yin’s pedestal. The students had written prayers and wishes to Him/Her (Them?)! It was really cute! But the installation was really powerful, so hats off to the curator. 

Anyway, the rest of the photos have captions attached to them. Sorry the photos were so blurry. The Nobel Peace Prize Forum had strict limitations on the cameras you’re allowed to use and I didn’t want to risk having mine taken away so I used my shitty iPod Touch instead.

andrewpjohnston asked: As a GG fanboy and a fellow artist, I gotta say, your art (especially the Guilty Gear stuff) is the tits.

GOD THANK YOU!! I really love drawing Guilty Gear fanart, the character designs are so fun! (I personally like them more than the designs in Blazblue…turns head…)

no one has ever called my art the tits before

but i like it 

there’s just going to be a ton of guilty gear on this blog now thanks to the impending release of xrd

I vainly made a video of the Livestream I did last night if you wanted to see my drawing process. (It’s pretty straightforward though.) The entire video before being sped up was a little under 2 hours long.

Also, sorry it’s not high quality, I got the recording directly from the stream.



my drawings in 100% zoom are kind of lame lol
i don’t usually draw high res unless i plan on printing it, last image is more typical of the resolution i draw in
(all pics are 850 x 650 pls view full size;;)

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